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Detectronic lands million kroner orders with new credit solution

The Danish company has sold several x-ray systems to Latin American slaughterhouses. The success is rooted in an export strategy designed to sell detection and weighing equipment from the company’s headquarters in the small Jutland town of Farsø to the global food industry including EKF as a fixed element of the sales kit.
X-ray detection systems for the food industry
How much
About DKK 2 million
EKF's role
EKF provides Detectronic with a working capital guarantee for their operating expenses and for Detectronic’s customers abroad.
EKF product
SME Guarantee; Working Capital Guarantee
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    The partnership with EKF has helped us land million kroner orders that we would not normally have secured, and many more are in the pipeline

    Brian Poulsen, CEO of Detectronic
    ​Detectronic’s x-ray bone detection systems that detect bones in fish and meat are in demand from South and Latin American slaughterhouses and fish processing plants. The success of the x-ray system is based on advanced algorithms that allow detection of even very small bones and bone fragments. In particular the food industry in Latin America, Europe and the USA has placed their orders with the Danish company.

    The demand from abroad follows an export strategy for the company that was developed after a generational handover. The small company wanted to sell its system globally and invited EKF to visit them. Detectronic wanted to learn more about how to benefit from EKF’s financing solutions. EKF visited the town of Farsø in the summer of 2011 and proposed a working capital guarantee which would finance operating expenses on filling orders as well as an SME guarantee which allowed Detectronic to offer their customer long-term credit.
  • ​​Detectronic agreed to the SME and the working capital guarantees, and today Detectronic’s sales people include EKF’s financing solutions as an active part of their sales efforts.
    ”I always include EKF’s financing solutions as a fixed element of my sales kit. We simply bring EKF’s products to our customers around the world and offer them longer credit periods for our products”, explains Brian Poulsen, CEO of Detectronic and continues,
    ”It gives us two advantages; we receive our money immediately through the bank which improves our cash flow. And we can offer something that our competitors cannot offer, namely credit”.
    ​If customers are interested in the product and wish to have a financing solution, the bank applies to EKF on behalf of Detectronic.
    ”The process has been easy and smooth, and EKF’s response time has been no more than maximum three days”, says Brian Poulsen.
  • ​​The partnership resulted in more orders for the Danish company.
    ”The partnership with EKF has helped us land million kroner orders that we would not normally have secured, and many more are in the pipeline,” says Brian Poulsen.
    More orders also resulted in more jobs in the town of Farsø.

    ”We have created six new jobs this year. Clearly, the financing solutions with EKF have a big stake in this development. It has produced some successes for us”, concludes Brian Poulsen.
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