Realise your company's growth plans in cooperation with EKF

Realising growth potential often requires additional financing from the bank. Let EKF provide a guarantee to your bank, strengthen your cash flow and make room for more customers and larger orders.

Succeeding as a company requires good finances

Stocks, new machinery, new facilities, and expenses for ingredients and materials are hard on your cash flow. And with success comes orders of a magnitude that makes them difficult to complete.
When you take the next step to realise your company's extensive plans for growth, it often requires the bank to step forward with financing. And sometimes the bank wants extra security before it agrees.
We can provide that security.

When EKF provides a guarantee for your bank, you can:

obtain a loan in the bank – both as an exporter and if your company is an export sub-supplier
invest in new machinery and facilities and expand production
take on larger orders knowing that you have the capital to complete them
give the customer security for advance payment.

Use EKF when you need capital

Our guarantees give you room to manoeuvre so that you can pursue your company's potential for growth without draining that all-important operating capital.

When we issue a guarantee to your bank, we assume the bank's risk, and you get your credit. Credit gives you the financial muscles to realise your plans for growth.

You can use this credit to cover the company's ongoing operating expenses, or to accept more customers and larger orders. You can also spend it on new machinery and facilities to expand your business.

Both small and large enterprises are welcome. You can obtain credit when you are the exporter, as a sub-supplier to an export company, or if part of your company's turnover comes from abroad, e.g. the tourist industry.

Tripling production of the world's most expensive brick

Petersen Tegl could not keep up with demand for the world's most expensive brick. Therefore, they invested in a new brickworks facility, enabling them to produce three times as many of the handcrafted bricks. A guarantee from EKF persuaded the bank to agree.

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Realise your growth plans with an EKF guarantee

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