Requirements for Danish economic interest

First and foremost, you must be an exporter or a sub-supplier to an export company. And when evaluating whether we can participate in financing your business, we are committed as a government-owned company to ensure that it is of benefit to Denmark.

We call this Danish economic interest. Read more about our requirements below.

Requirements for credit rating

The transaction must be sound and your company, the customer or the customer’s bank must be creditworthy. At any rate, EKF undertakes the credit assessment on your behalf.

Requirements for CSR

The process of filling the order must be conducted in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

If your business transaction amounts to less than DKK 25 million, you merely have to sign a declaration that you comply with the requirements.
If your business transaction amounts to more than DKK 25 million, we help you assess whether you comply.

Moreover, your company must sign a statement declaring that no bribery is used in the export transaction.

Requirements for transparency

Finally, your company, the bank and the buyer must be willing, in certain cases, to allow EKF to publish certain standard details of the export transaction.

Requirements for sector

However, EKF will not be able to assist you if the company is engaged in the primary sector (agriculture and fisheries). This is due to EU state aid rules. EKF is, however, able to offer you a Working Capital Guarantee for orders involving exports of certain processed foods. Contact EKF for more information.