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Form3 Retail winning foreign orders with financing from EKF

Danish company Form3 Retail designs and builds attractive shops for well-known brands both in Denmark and abroad. The architectural firm develops 40–50 new projects every year, and thanks to SME Guarantees from EKF, they can safely accept more.

From classic production to design

This small firm of interior architects in Kolding, Denmark, has spent many years trying to find its niche and reaching its current level of expertise. In 2010, adversity in the form of increasing e-commerce was what it took for Form3 to find its niche.

“We experienced a sharp fall in demand for the physical shop, which was reflected in the number of requests we were getting. Rather than seeing this as a limitation, we carefully reconsidered how we could turn the development to our advantage,” explains Tommy Toft, CEO at Form3 Retail.

“We realised that the need for shops to stand out had suddenly increased compared to previous years. This opened up new opportunities for us to offer more holistic solutions that increase the visibility of the customer’s brand. As a result, we now stand out from our competitors, because we are a fully design-based company rather than a conventional production-based company.”

Financing was the key to growth

The development in Form3 really got things going. Today, the Jutland-based architectural firm implements around 50 new projects a year and has become a highly attractive partner for major well-known brands from all over the world, including Sand, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, Høyer, Levi's and Paris Hilton.

Higher quality in a project typically means higher project-related costs and a higher overall budget, and this resulted in growing demand for financing among our customers

“Today, our work is not just about interior decoration – it is also very much about branding. We include all aspects and create a holistic experience for our customers,” explains CEO Tommy Toft. The scope of Form3's projects has also increased in step with their quality. “Higher quality in a project typically means higher project-related costs and a higher overall budget, and this resulted in growing demand for financing among our customers,” says Tommy Toft.

Form3 quickly realised that they needed to find a solution to their increasing need for financing if they wanted to take advantage of the wave of growth. Consequently, they contacted their bank, which presented a financing model based on an SME Guarantee from EKF. The SME Guarantee enables Form3 to offer customers in foreign countries long-term credit for a specific project. The nice thing  is that, even though customers are granted credit, Form3 gets paid right away.

The Jutland-based architectural firm sees this as a win-win situation for all concerned, and uses the solution whenever this makes sense for a project.

”We present EKF’s financing solution to both existing and new customers and explain how we can help to secure financing for their projects, if required. As a result, many projects that used to be merely a dream have now been implemented,” says Tommy Toft, CEO at Form3 Retail ApS.

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