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Documents required when applying for a SME Guarantee

Application for a specific SME Guarantee must always be made through a bank. The bank handles the paperwork and submits the application through our online portal for banks. The bank must be registered for the SME Guarantee scheme. If the bank has not yet been registered for the scheme, this can easily be arranged by contacting EKF.

See which banks are registered for the SME Guarantee scheme here.

Although the application is run through the bank, you still have to complete a few documents.

Introduction to the documents

Five documents are relevant when applying for an SME Guarantee. Here is a short guide to the documents:

Declaration for guarantee of less than DKK 25 million: Only to be completed for transactions under DKK 25 million. An SME Guarantee cannot exceed DKK 25 million, meaning that the exporter is always required to complete the declaration.

EKF's declaration on non-bribery and transparency: This document must be completed by the exporter. For certain types of guarantees, it must also be completed by the bank.

Declaration on recourse from the exporter: This document must be completed by the exporter.

Declaration of transparency: The counterparty completes the document, i.e. the buyer, the borrower or the guarantor.

Here are the relevant documents