Working Capital Guarantees step by step

How to apply for working capital guarantees

Ikon af kreditvurdering i EKF's rød og blå farve
En mælkeproducent står i en hal med malkemaskiner.

Your customer needs to expand its credit facility/guarantee limit

Your customer has received an order and needs greater liquidity in order to fulfil it. Or perhaps your customer needs credit to finance its day-to-day operations. Your customer may also be looking to invest in new machinery and production facilities in order to expand its activities.

Ikon for sikkerhed i EKF's rød og blå farve

You need additional security

You would like to give your customer credit, but you want additional security before you can do this. We can provide that security with our working capital guarantees.

You contact EKF

Ikon for portfølje i EKF's rød og blå farve

You go through the application process

Ikon for Købsaftale i EKF's rød og blå farve

We send an offer

We run a credit rating check and, if relevant, request further information about your customer. You then receive an offer in TrustPortal, which you approve. You attach a company declaration from your customer together with the approval. 

Ikon af håndtryk i EKF's rød og blå farve

And we're done

You issue a loan or a credit to your customer with a working capital guarantee from EKF.

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