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New partnership improves export opportunities for Danish companies

A partnership recently established between EKF and Northstar Europe/ODL makes it easier for Danish export companies to secure financing of small export transactions.

​25 May 2011

Together with Northstar Europe/ODL EKF now offers Danish export companies a possibility of financing export transactions between EUR 500,000 and 5,000,000 with tenors of up to five years. Northstar Europe/ODL brings the financing and EKF guarantees the transactions towards Northstar Europe/ODL. This agreement gives Danish export companies access to a new financing solution.

Often it is an advantage for Danish companies in international competition when they are able to offer their customers a financing solution. If the company itself is not able to offer their customers credit and no  banks wish to make financing available, the company can contact Northstar Europe together with EKF. If the foreign buyer is creditworthy, there is a good chance that the export transaction can be realised even without the Danish exporter bearing any risk in connection with the credit to the customer.

The new partnership is a supplement to EKF’s services to small and medium-sized Danish companies. They are the ones who often win orders of this size; however, the partnership is also useful when financing small deliveries from large Danish companies. EKF already offers guarantees of up to 100% on credits for foreign buyers of Danish exports to small and medium-sized Danish companies. EKF´s working capital guarantee is another product which is frequently used by small and medium-sized companies but which is also available for large companies.

The financial institution Northstar Europe is a subsidiary of the Canadian Northstar Trade Finance, who has offered this service to Canadian and American companies for some years. ODL is the official export credit agency of Luxembourg.

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Read more about Northstar Europe and find contact information on www.northstareurope.eu

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