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New organization in EKF

In future, large and small export companies will be organised in two separate departments in EKF. The aim is to offer our clients a more focused guidance and issuance of guarantees.
21 October 2010

EKF´s customer advisors will in future be placed in two different departments which will be in charge of large corporates and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) respectively.

The purpose is to target the guidance and issuance of guarantees to the specific needs of the two different groups of customers and thus offer better assistance to Danish export companies in obtaining finances for their export transactions.

“SMEs are often faced with other challenges than large corporates. In order to offer both types of companies the best possible kind of guidance, we have chosen to set up two special units who can then target their guidance and financial solutions”, says EKF´s CEO, Anette Eberhard.

The department for SMEs will also cover financing of exports of cleantech solutions.

The head of Large Corporates is Erling Frandsen who has also been appointed Director in EKF. Erling Frandsen is taking over from Henrik G. Welch who is heading for new challenges after almost 8 years in EKF.

Kim Richter, who has been the head of EKF´s Department for Export Loans and Working Capital Scheme so far, is now the head of SME & Cleantech.
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