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Increased openness at Eksport Kredit Fonden

From 1 July 2010 Eksport Kredit Fonden (EKF) will be publishing more information about ourselves and on the transactions in which we participate.
1 July 2010
In the future EKF will publish more information and more in detail about ourselves and the business transactions and projects that we participate in. The aim is to give the public more insight into how we fulfil our mission and administer the money made available to us by the Danish state.

EKF will, for instance, publish a range of information on the individual guarantees issued by EKF. This will include the name of the Danish company, the buyer’s name, the banks involved, the size of the guarantee and the length of the credit period. Certain products and schemes will, however, be disclosed as part of accumulated figures rather than as information about individual transactions. This applies to for instance products and schemes where EKF is assisting Danish companies via the private market. In these cases EKF might disclose confidential information regarding the list of customers and the future business activities of private companies.

EKF´s possibility of assisting Danish export companies depends on whether the companies can confidently and confidentially make all the information available for EKF´s case-handling. In order to achieve the right balance between the need for discretion and the possibility for the public to gain insight, EKF will maintain complete discretion concerning all customer and transaction details up to 60 days following the issue of final guarantee. After this period the selected details will be published. All other information will continue to be subject to complete discretion.

Alongside increased openness regarding the projects guaranteed by EKF, EKF will disclose a series of information regarding our own business. EKF already publishes annual reports on our finances and business activities as well as a CSR report. In future EKF will also disclose details regarding our strategy, long-term financial goals, staff and training expenses, share-dealing and competence to act as well as salaries, pensions and bonuses for EKF´s Management etc.

Some of the information regarding our own business will be published on EKF´s website on 1 July, 2010. The rest will be published in connection with the Annual report 2010. Information on the individual guarantees will be published as it becomes available.

EKF’s new Openness Policy enters into force on 1 July 2010. After this date, the disclosure of selected guarantee details will be a condition for obtaining a guarantee from EKF in the same way as e.g. approval of a project’s environmental impacts. For more information about EKF´s Openness Policy please visit here.

Further information:
Head of Communication Mogens Agger Tang, tel.: +45 20 18 39 76.
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