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Ideas worth billions

USD 100 billion in climate investments every year from 2020. That is what the world’s richest countries promised the developing countries at the COP15 summit in Copenhagen.

​On 19-20 September, EKF hosted a workshop in Copenhagen where more than 75 experts from all over the world met to discuss new ways of encouraging private investors to support climate projects in developing countries.

During the workshop, the participants developed and discussed a range of specific ideas on how the world’s export credit agencies can contribute.

EKF proposed a number of ideas, including:

> Closer coordination between development aid and export credit for commercial projects.
EKF has recently established a “Fast Track Model” with the Danish aid agency, Danida. This cooperation could serve as inspiration for how aid institutions and export credit agencies can interact more efficiently.

> Shared risk pool for climate projects in developing countries
Normally, export credit agencies have a limited number of transactions they can guarantee in each individual developing country. If a number of countries join forces and pool some of their guarantee capacity, the total capacity can be exploited better.
A number of speakers from both the public and private sectors set the scene to inspire innovative ideas on ways in which international organisations, export credit agencies and private players can work together to make investments in climate projects in developing countries more attractive.
Among the speakers, Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark, illustrated this kind of teamwork by describing how the Danish pension fund works with EKF. Together, the two Danish pension funds PensionDanmark and PFA provide a total of DKK 20 billion for the funding of Danish exports.
EKF’s production of a ‘catalogue of ideas’ that builds on the discussions during the workshop is in full swing. Anette Eberhard, EKF's CEO, will present these ideas on behalf of EKF at a meeting for the ministers for climate from the donor countries on 24 October. This meeting will be held in Copenhagen in extension of the “Copenhagen Climate Finance Meeting” on 23 October in the UN City.
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