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Great satisfaction with EKF among our customers in 2015

The satisfaction with EKF is great among Danish export companies and banks as customers praise EKF's advisors and the commercial value of cooperating with EKF. This is the conclusion of a recently completed customer satisfaction survey conducted by the research agency Ennova.

​EKF's customers are generally very satisfied with EKF. For three consecutive years the index level of customer satisfaction has been set at 75 in Ennova's model. This has secured EKF a solid position within the category “High level of satisfaction”.

The degree of customer loyalty towards EKF is very high as well. The majority of banks and customers expect to make use of EKF again and will also be prepared to recommend EKF to others. The survey is based on replies from 180 Danish export companies as well as Danish and international banks.

According to the survey the customers regard EKF as a very credible and reliable business partner. The cooperation with EKF creates commercial value for their company in the form of higher turnover, higher revenues and lower risk.

The three aspects regarded as being most important by the customers, i.e. EKF's advisors, products and processing, are also the ones receiving the highest assessments. Just as last year, the index level of customer satisfaction with EKF's advisors is 82 and therefore, very high.

“It is important to us that our customers are satisfied with us and what we do. Customer satisfaction is essential to our ability to support Danish export. It is particularly important that our customers find that working with EKF adds value to their business transactions and that they have a feeling of obtaining good advice and efficient case handling. Fortunately, the survey shows that we have succeeded”, says Anette Eberhard, CEO of EKF.

​EKF's customers also find EKF's prices satisfactory though pricing is the factor with the lowest score of medium satisfaction.  According to Ennova, it should be taken into account when assessing this score that pricing traditionally receives lower scores than other dimensions in customer satisfaction surveys.
In the near future EKF will take a closer look at the conclusions of the survey in order to determine how to main-tain the high customer satisfaction and to learn more about the reasons given in the survey by approximately 10% of the customers as to why they are not satisfied with their partnership with EKF.
Please contact EKF in case you wish to know more about our customer satisfaction survey.
EKF ahead of the others in TXF-survey
Trade & Export Finance (TXF), the London-based publisher and event organiser, had recently presented a new survey regarding export credit agencies (ECAs) and international banks at a conference in Hong Kong. EKF was ranked number one ahead of more than 15 ECAs in the survey.
Exporters and financial experts evaluated the ECAs based on parameters such as flexibility, business understanding, risk appetite, product range and customer service. EKF's flexibility and customer service in particular secured EKF a head start and ensured EKF a top position an inch from EKN, the Swedish export credit agency. Moreover, the majority of the participating ECAs in the survey were doing well. 
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