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Great customer satisfaction with EKF

The satisfaction with EKF is great among Danish banks and export companies who praise EKF’s employees and the commercial value of working together with EKF. This is the conclusion of a just completed customer satisfaction survey conducted by the research agency Ennova.

9 June 2011

EKF’s customers are happy and satisfied. So satisfied that by far the main part of EKF’s customers expect to make use of EKF again and would very much recommend EKF to others. This is the result of a customer satisfaction survey conducted among 120 Danish banks and export companies.

According to the survey, to a great extent customers see EKF as a credible and reliable business partner and a customer-oriented financial institution that creates results. On top of that, cooperating with EKF has commercial value for their companies.

The three factors, EKF’s advisors, products and processing, received the highest assessments. EKF’s advisors are also a factor that has great impact on customers’ overall satisfaction with EKF, and so the result is highly satisfactory according to Ennova.

”The survey shows such a high level of satisfaction that the objective for EKF must be to maintain that high level. The general customer satisfaction and the number of customers you could characterise as ambassadors are at the top compared to similar surveys”, says Head of Department at Ennova, Velin Nikolov.

EKF’s customers also find EKF’s prices satisfactory even though pricing is the factor with the lowest score of medium satisfaction. According to Ennova, this score, however, should take into account that pricing traditionally receives lower scores than other dimensions in customer satisfaction surveys.

”It is very important to us that our customers are satisfied with us and what we do. We strive to make a difference for them. Fortunately, this survey shows that we have succeeded”, says EKF’s CEO Anette Eberhard.

Together with Ennova EKF will study the results to see how EKF can maintain the high customer satisfaction and to learn more about the reasons given in the survey why approx. 10% of the customers are not satisfied with their partnership with EKF.

Read the customer satisfaction survey here (in Danish)

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