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EKF guarantees first large scale wind farm in Jordan

EKF is supporting the construction and development of a 117 MW wind farm in the Tafila Governorate in Jordan.

Against a guarantee from EKF, the EIB (European Investment Bank) will provide USD 71.87 million or approximately DKK 400 million of financing. This represents 25% of the total project cost.

The on-shore wind farm in Tafila is made possible by a large group of sponsors and lenders and the financial contracts were signed on Wednesday November 27 by all the parties concerned.

EKF’s CEO Anette Eberhard said: “EKF is excited to be among the group of partners behind this important project. As a globally leading source of knowledge in wind financing, EKF has experience from wind farms all over the world. The project in Tafila, Jordan, is breaking new ground for wind farms in the Arab Mediterranean region, and this bodes well for the future.”

The project will contribute to reduce Jordan’s heavy energy import dependency while developing renewable energy generation and energy security. It marks a significant milestone in the country's objective of diversification in its generation mix toward renewable energy.

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