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Customer satisfaction shows continuous progress

EKF´s 2013 customer satisfaction survey shows that our customers and business partners are increasingly satisfied. EKF is pleased with the result and will continue to strive for a high level of customer satisfaction.

In 2013, customer satisfaction with EKF rose to 75 points from 72 the year before. This places EKF firmly in the “High satisfaction” category.

”We are pleased with the improvement and the continuous high level of customer satisfaction. The excellent 2013 result sends a clear signal from our customers and business partners about the value of our efforts”, says Søren Møller, Deputy CEO at EKF.
Among the conclusions from EKF´s 2013 customer survey Møller singles out the fact that the customers´ experience with EKF is positive, that their expectations are fulfilled and that in general, the customers are satisfied with our case handling process.
”The work of EKF´s advisors and the rest of our organisation helps to promote Danish export while securing satisfied customers. This is precisely what we wish to obtain in our daily efforts”, says Møller.
​High degree of loyalty: Knowledge generates satisfaction
Customer loyalty towards EKF has remained at a very high and stable level during the past three years.
The majority of banks and customers expect to make use of EKF again and will also be ready to recommend EKF to others within their network.
The results of the 2013 customer survey also showed that increased knowledge of EKF generated a higher level of satisfaction.
”The more the customers get to know EKF, the more satisfied they become. This is a good point of departure as we wish to cooperate with even more companies in 2014. For the same reason we have planned to intensify our sales and marketing efforts in order to further increase knowledge of EKF and the services that we provide”, says Møller.
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