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Customer satisfaction 2012: another good year

EKF's 2012 customer survey reveals high levels of satisfaction among customers and business partners. EKF is delighted with these good results and would like to thank all who took part.
January 2013
"It's great that we've been able to maintain such high levels of customer satisfaction," says Søren Møller, Deputy CEO at EKF. "We've doubled our customer base since 2008, and customers both old and new are very happy with our solutions."
He is pleased with the results of the latest customer satisfaction survey, which show that EKF is at the very forefront of financial institutions.

Credible and reliable business partner
"We're an organisation that advises and assists Danish exporters, so this is the kind of result we hope and strive for every single day," says Møller. He singles out how customers view EKF as a credible and reliable business partner and a customer-oriented financial institution that creates results. EKF's advisors and solutions score particularly highly.

High response rate
Customers' positive attitude to EKF is underlined by the fact that no fewer than 40% of those approached chose to take part in the survey.
"We're delighted to get input from so many of our customers and business partners," says Møller. "We're taking the results and the many constructive suggestions and comments very seriously, and we look forward to further fruitful dialogue on finding good solutions."

International regulation dictates prices
One area, however, scores less well than others: the price of EKF's services.
"We're pleased that Danish exporters are price-conscious. So are we," says Møller. "EKF often supplies an add-on product providing cover for extraordinary risks, and this costs a little extra, but I'm convinced that our customers understand this."
"In general, we base our prices on market rates so as not to compete with the private market."

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