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Annual report 2012. New record for EKF-assisted Danish exports

Danish companies received export credit and working capital guarantees worth DKK 16.4 billion in 2012. A historical number of SMEs are using the services of EKF.
A growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are using EKF export guarantees to obtain financing for their business transactions and ensure that their products are competitive and attractive to international buyers. In 2012, the number of export companies assisted by EKF surged by almost 20 per cent to 461, representing the largest increase in customers in any single year.

“EKF’s visibility among Danish export companies is higher than ever before. Many of our new customers are finding that we can play a key role in their growth and efforts to attract new customers and orders abroad,” says Anette Eberhard, CEO of EKF.

EKF’s 2012 financial statements show that EKF issued new export credit and working capital guarantees worth a record DKK 16.4 billion. The total exposure administered by EKF increased to DKK 77 billion – another record.

Substantial contribution to the Danish economy and society
In 2012, EKF made another substantial contribution to the Danish economy and society. Last year, EKF helped Danish companies secure orders worth approx. DKK 28 billion and create and retain some 17,500 jobs in Denmark.

Overall, EKF’s net profit for the year came to DKK 473 million – funds that will be earmarked for helping even more Danish companies move forward. The positive results were achieved e.g. because EKF managed to keep claims and losses at a minimum despite global economic hardship. However, due to a general increase in risk, EKF has had to increase provisions for potential future losses.

EKF’s possibilities of assisting Danish companies were enhanced in several respects in 2012. As a case in point, the Danish government injected another DKK 15 billion into the Export Lending Scheme, which will benefit large export projects, in particular.

And finally, EKF now has the possibility of assisting Danish export companies and their sub-suppliers to obtain financing for production facilities in Denmark. Consequently, Danish companies stand to benefit from expanding in Denmark rather than abroad, entailing that economic growth and jobs may be retained in Denmark.

Further information
The media: Anette Eberhard, CEO, through Ole Lindhardt, Communications Consultant, telephone +45 20 18 39 52.
Companies and organisations: Kim Richter, Senior Director of SME and Cleantech, telephone +45 35 46 26 87.

Financial highlights for EKF in 2012
> EKF issued new export credit and working capital guarantees worth DKK 16.4 billion
> EKF’s total exposure reached DKK 77 billion
> Net profit for the year of DKK 473 million was satisfactory
> Customer growth of almost 20 per cent to 461 customers
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They won new orders in partnership with EKF

In 2012, EKF helped more companies than ever before secure and finance international transactions. Read two case stories here:

Aalborg CSP landed solar power order to India thanks to credit concept
When solar power company Aalborg CSP landed its first order to India, EKF helped the Indian customer secure financing for the order. As a result, Aalborg CSP gained a foothold in the Indian market, and before the first order had been delivered, the next one had already been lined up.

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Kosan Crisplant obtained security in Libya
Changes have swept across Libya in the wake of the revolution. To Kosan Crisplant, supplier to gas companies across the world, an interesting market has become even more attractive. Kosan Crisplant has been doing business with Libya for a number of years and is currently able to eliminate much of its risk through its partnership with EKF.

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