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American icon chooses Danish biogas

Breakthrough for Bigadan in the USA with a guarantee from EKF


The Danish company Bigadan is supplying a complete biogas plant to a Campbell Soup Company site in Napoleon, Ohio. Campbell Soup Company makes soups, sauces and beverages at the site.

The first sod has just been cut for the biogas plant. The plant will process organic waste that Campbell Soup Company would otherwise dispose of at local landfills.

”We see it as a breakthrough for Bigadan and our US partners. The plant for Campbell’s in Ohio is twice as large as our latest biogas plant in the USA,” says Karsten Buchhave, CEO, Bigadan.

Danish financing secures project
The plant from Bigadan constitutes the largest part of the total project amount of more than DKK 75 million. A Danish bank lends the project money for the investment in return for a guarantee from EKF covering 100 per cent of the amount.

”EKF offers 100 per cent guarantees in very special cases only, and the project in Ohio is exactly such a case. It involves Danish environmentally friendly technology with a huge potential in the vast US market so it makes good sense that EKF is in on this project all the way,” says Kim Richter, Senior Director for SME and Cleantech at EKF.

Convincing investors
In the US biogas is a new and unknown technology which is difficult to obtain financing for through banks and investors, not least because the project entails a long-term investment repaid over 15 years.

“It is crucial to us that the first plants are put into operation in order to provide potential investors with reference projects where they can see for themselves that the technology works and that the economy in the projects is solid,” says Karsten Buchhave, CEO, Bigadan.

I 2011 Bigadan supplied their first American plant to Synergy Dairy in the state of New York. The order for the project in Ohio is almost twice as large and is therefore a significant step forward in Bigadan’s efforts to establish themselves in the US market. Bigadan is already now in negotiations for new orders in the USA.

Sustainable soup facility
For Campbell Soup Company the new plant is a step on the road to achieving the company’s sustainability goals.

“This new biogas technology will improve Campbell’s Napoleon recycling rate to approximately 95 percent, reaching the company’s 2020 destination goal for the site early,” said Dave Stangis, Campbell’s Vice President of Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Campbell Soup Company. “The use of biogas energy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of electricity in this facility by approximately 16,000 metric tons per year, or the equivalent of 3,000 cars.”

The biogas plant can handle 450 tonnes of organic waste per day and will replace about 25 per cent of the annual electricity consumption at the facility in Napoleon, Ohio.

About Bigadan
Bigadan A/S has more than 25 years of international experience within practical use of biogas technology with emphasis on large-scale biogas plants. www.bigadan.dk

About Campbell Soup Company
Campbell Soup Company is a manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, including soup and sauces, baked snacks and healthy beverages. The company was founded in 1869. For more information, visit www.campbellsoup.com
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