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Welcome to the new EKF website

EKF has developed a new visual identity: our new logo, new colour scheme and new font are all part of our aim to create a more welcoming look, and to signal that EKF is a modern and internationally-oriented financial institution.
1 April 2011

This is why our website has now been given a complete makeover. But the changes are more than just the style; the content on our website is also updated and much more user-friendly. We have now made it easy to read up on EKF, learn how export credits work and how EKF can make a difference to Danish companies looking to go global.

For example, you can now see how EKF can help to give you greater security, better financing and bigger sales. You can get an idea of the cover we offer in the countries where your customers are. Find out how we have assisted other companies in realising their business objectives.

Alternatively, let us put together an information pack tailored to your company's specific needs. And if you would like to be kept up-to-date on the benefits of securing and financing export transactions, then simply subscribe to our news feeds. These were just a few highlights of our new, improved website...

Enjoy your visit!

Anette Eberhard
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