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Tighter reinsurance terms for transactions in Greece

EKF continues to reinsure Danish export companies’ business transactions with Greek buyers but with tighter reinsurance terms.
​Due to the uncertain financial situation in Greece EKF now tightens the reinsurance terms for short-term export business transactions with Greek buyers. The tighter terms mean that EKF will only reinsure business transactions with Greek buyers who are already insured by a private credit insurance company and EKF’s requirements for creditworthiness will be stricter.

Furthermore, we have introduced a limit of DKK 2 million in cases where EKF reinsures the entire credit for the private credit insurance company. In cases where EKF only insures part of the credit insurance company’s risk, EKF is willing to  reinsure a higher amount depending on the creditworthiness of the buyer.

At the moment EKF reinsures Danish export transactions to Greece worth approx. DKK 200 million per year.

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