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Tomorrow’s climate financing starts with EKF

In a desolate and windy moonscape in northern Kenya just a few kilometres away from Lake Turkana, the world’s largest permanent desert lake, the landscape has changed.
365 wind turbines have popped up and have become a wind farm that will supply Kenya with much needed green energy when it is put in operation.
The climate benefits are tangible, however, the Lake Turkana project is actually also a textbook example of something completely different: financing!
The wind farm is an example of successful cooperation between public players in financing from both trade and development. 14 financial institutions participate in the project in a complex financing structure. Most players are private; however, the project entails large risks making it necessary to involve a number of public players including EKF.
In recent years, the issue under discussion on the international policy scene has been how to address the lack of financing in order to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals – including how to best mobilise private sector financing for climate and development projects in particular.
The discussions reflect the different worlds of trade finance and developments aid. But innovative financing solutions are necessary in order to reach the SDGs. There is a need to inform decision makers about the opportunities in the financial markets for trade as well as for development. And there is a need to create a transparent financing market where we secure an efficient and optimal use of the opportunities on the financial scene.
At the same time it is paramount that we preserve trade regulation and the level playing field while chasing after financing for development projects.
We are working on this at EKF, and this is why we are co-hosting the ”IfTI Global Symposium: Financing. Impact. Together.”

Symposium on the future financing market
On 19-20 June EKF is hosting a symposium at Offenburg University in Schwarzwald, southern Germany together with the Institute for Trade and Innovation, KFW DEG and International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation. Government officials, multilateral development banks, bilateral development finance institutions and export credit agencies meet here to focus on the financing landscape for projects contributing to growth and development.
With contributions from experts from all corners of the financing world, the objective is to equip financiers and policy makers with the latest knowledge. The symposium is also about building bridges and strengthening the co-operation between public and private financing players.
The will is there and so are the financial instruments. Now it is important that we are willing to engage in innovative thinking as to how the financial instruments complement each other in the most optimal way.
If we shake hands on closer cooperation and careful coordination, we will go far.
Read more about the symposium, view the programme and register here:
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