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Quota for guarantee cover towards Ukraine

In the past few years EKF has helped many Danish companies in connection with export to Ukraine, and we are now approaching the limit of exposure that we are willing to commit ourselves to in Ukraine. In order to help the greatest possible number of exporters EKF reserves the remaining guarantee capacity on Ukraine for small export transactions.
​Ukraine is an interesting country for many Danish exporters but trading with buyers in Ukraine also involves high risks as the country is facing a series of political and economic problems. EKF has therefore been an important partner in connection with many Danish transactions with Ukraine during the past few years.

EKF is, however, approaching the country limit for Ukraine. The country limit is the maximum guarantee volume for a specific country established by EKF. To be able to continue helping the greatest possible number of exporters EKF is going to regulate the remaining guarantee capacity on Ukraine to the benefit of small export transactions.

EKF will therefore continue to issue guarantees to cover transactions involving guarantee exposures up to DKK 25 million as long as there is excess capacity within the country limit.

In the future EKF can only issue guarantees for transactions above DKK 25 million if another party guarantees the part of the transaction which exceeds DKK 25 million. An example could be a guarantee from other entities within the buye's company who are situated abroad or alternatively, guarantees issued by banks in other countries.

EKF continues to encourage Danish exporters to contact us in connection with export to Ukraine. So far no changes have been introduced to small transactions, and we also continue to welcome inquiries covering large transactions. Even though EKF no longer can be a sole guarantor of these transactions, we will work closely with the exporter and the buyer to find the best possible solution.
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