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Integrated solutions. An important feature in export of energy technology

​The new Danish growth plan for energy and climate, just published, contains a number of new initiatives. Two of them involve EKF.
The first initiative provides EKF with the opportunity to support the export of integrated solutions. One example is guarantees to project companies exporting integrated solutions based on Danish technology and know-how.

The second initiative involves the Danish Trade Council and EKF’s joint export and financing advisory service. In future the advisory service will be building customer relations to local authorities and other buyers of integrated solutions. An initiative which can contribute to improving the commercial potential of Danish companies.

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Integrated solutions may include operation, maintenance, guarantees etc. In the coming years the demand for integrated solutions is expected to increase within for instance energy supply and production. A typical customer could be public utility companies in major cities.

Danish companies who typically focus on single component solutions may find this a challenge. For this reason Danish companies should form partnerships and offer integrated solutions. This may be done by establishing joint project companies.
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