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Financial Counsellor in Russia

The Danish Trade Council and EKF establish a new permanent position as Denmark´s Financial Counsellor in Moscow
​As of 1 November 2012 Jørgen Bollesen will be Denmark´s new Financial Counsellor in Moscow. He will thus be the first public face of the new collaboration between the Danish Trade Council and EKF. The aim of this collaboration is to help to achieve the goals laid down in the Danish government´s strategy for BRIC countries. Jørgen Bollesen is looking forward to his new assignment:

“As Denmark´s Financial Counsellor in Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) my job is to help Danish companies and their Russian customers put together the right financing for their export transactions. EKF´s solutions will naturally play a significant part in this connection but depending on the specific transaction other partners such as NIB (Nordic Investment Bank) or IFC (International Finance Corporation) may also be involved”.

Risk assessment of buyers is one of the biggest challenges for Danish companies in the Russian market as Russian accounting standards are very different from Danish standards and the boundary between public and private companies is often more blurred than what we are used to in Denmark.

This is where Jørgen Bollesen´s experience really comes into its own. “I have been working with Russia both as a consultant and as self-employed for 17 years, based in both Russia and Denmark. Over the years this has given me a lot of experience in structuring business transactions although the key performance indicators may not always be dependable,” says Jørgen Bollesen.

Companies with an interest in Russia can contact Jørgen Bollesen already now.
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