EKF’s CSR efforts are defined by three overall policies listed below

ESG policy

EKF’s ESG policy sets out the framework of EKF’s ESG efforts.

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EKF's position on coal

Personal data policy

The objective of EKF's personal data policy is to present information on how EKF handles personal data in relation to our activities and the applicable legislation.

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Policy of transparency

EKF aims to be transparent about our business with respect for customer confidentiality. EKF's policy of transparency clarifies what information about EKF is available to external parties.

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Diversity Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote diversity among EKF staff, including setting target figures for the gender composition of EKF management. This policy replaces EKF's Policy on Equal Gender Representation in Management of August 2018.

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Data Ethics Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with the data ethics rules of the Danish Financial Statements Act, and that data use within EKF conforms to this policy.

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Position paper on anti-bribery

EKF’s position paper on anti-bribery describes our efforts in the prevention of bribery in EKF and in EKF´s business transactions. 

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