Funds looking forward to the implementation of Denmark´s Export and Investment Fund

The foundation for a more coherent and manageable public funding system to support Danish growth and export companies are now in place. All three state investment funds look forward to the implementation.


Yesterday, the Danish Parliament has adopted the bill regarding Denmark´s Export and Investment Fund, hereby establishing the formal foundation for the merger of the growth fund Vaekstfonden, Danish Green Investment Fund and EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency.

The goal of Denmark´s Export and Investment Fund is to provide a coherent, green and international oriented financing solution to all Danish companies through a single point of contact in order to make Denmark richer and the world greener.

The CEO´s of the current funds all acknowledge the potentials related to the merger and look forward to the implementation.

Rolf Kjærgaard, CEO of Vaekstfonden

- In cooperation with entrepreneurs, investors, and companies, we will develop the green growth and export companies that Denmark must safeguard. The new fund allows us to do this by drawing upon the strength and experiences of each of the current funds.

Peder Lundquist, CEO of EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency

- The green transition and a strong global competition between countries and companies have increased the need for governmental support to all growth and export companies. The new fund provides us with more muscles and helping us make Denmark richer and to turn the world into a greener place.

Michael Zöllner, CEO of Danish Green Investment Fund

- Development and commercialization of new green technologies as well as the initiation of the green transition of the Danish industry have turned out to be an overwhelming challenge which requires the overall involvement of the society. The goal is to establish sustainable growth in Danish companies and to show that green transition may in fact go hand in hand with sound business.

Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund provides a single point of entry to alle Danish companies in need of risk capital from the government. The CEO´s all state that although the funds will be merged in the long term, new and existing customers will still be able to reach their usual points of contacts in all three funds.

The specific establishment of Denmark´s Export and Investment Fund currently awaits the government´s appointment of a new board as well as the inaugural meeting of the new company. All this will take place once the bill enters into force by 1st July this year.


The three CEO’s can be reached by contacting Jacob Bruun of Vaekstfonden and Danish Green Investment Fund, mobile no. (+45) 6198 5071, mail: and Kim Bove of EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency, mobile no. (+45) 2227 3893, mail: