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International cooperation

EKF represents Denmark in a number of international forums to ensure Danish export companies fair and equal competition with the export companies of other countries.
EKF is working for fair international competition
We participate on behalf of the Danish state in laying down common international rules for export credit and trade policy. We are working to make international trade equal and fair, so that exporters can concentrate on competing on the quality and price of their products. For example, we are focused on involving the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) in international cooperation.

EKF promotes Danish interests and is focused in particular on small and medium-sized enterprises and areas where Danish companies have a strong position. These include green technologies.

Through this international cooperation, we extend our expertise, strengthen our networks and gain inspiration for new guarantee products to benefit Danish export companies.
EKF represents Denmark in:

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

EU. The European political and economic union.

The Paris Club. International cooperation on agreements with indebted countries.

The Berne Union. International cooperation for public and private credit insurers.

WTO. The World Trade Organisation.
In the OECD, EKF cooperates with the other member states to create fair conditions for export credit. This cooperation aims to ensure that the countries do not undercut each other and create unfair competition. Accordingly, the countries lay down common rules and standards for guarantees and loans.

The EU member states in the OECD have signed a consensus agreement with Australia, Canada, the USA, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland on terms and conditions for officially supported export credits. Among other things, the agreement defines frameworks for minimum premiums, repayment profiles, maximum credit terms and minimum interest rates, so that export companies in the different countries are offered guarantees and loans on equal terms.

The OECD countries have also agreed on common rules to ensure sustainable international trade, including rules on environmental requirements for export transactions, combating bribery and guidelines for responsible lending. EKF is working for explicit and transparent rules on sustainable trade and for these rules to be adhered to by all countries. The rules are often advantageous for Danish companies, who are among the leaders in this area.

Read more about export credits on the OECD website.
Read the OECD consensus agreement on OECD's website.

In the EU, the member states coordinate their position on export credit issues that are negotiated in the OECD. In addition; EKF deals with all rules on the internal market and state aid in connection with export credit, including rules on which parts of the export credit market are reserved for private credit insurance companies.

EKF also works to promote Danish interests and to enable Danish companies to compete on the same terms as the other EU member states' export companies.

Read more about export credits on the EU website.
The Paris Club
When a country has problems paying its debts to other countries, the Paris Club negotiates a joint international agreement to reschedule the country's debts. EKF participates in these negotiations, so that EKF and the Danish export companies can collect their outstanding balances.
​The agreement with the Paris Club is one step in the indebted country's debt negotiations with the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The agreement gives the country an opportunity to regain its footing, so that trade with the country can continue.

Since 1956, the Paris Club has been involved with more than 400 agreements with nearly 90 countries representing a total value of some USD 500 billion.
The Berne Union
In the Berne Union, EKF works with public and private credit insurers from around the world on the conditions applicable to credit insurance. This cooperation helps strengthen EKF's networks and increase our expertise. It benefits Danish companies in the shape of fairer competition and better opportunities for investing abroad.

Read more about the Berne Union.

World Trade Organization (WTO)
In the WTO, the member states agree on rules for government subsidies and tariff barriers which inhibit free international trade. The WTO, OECD and EU have signed an international agreement aimed at creating equal conditions for the countries' export credits. Banks, exporters and foreign buyers must comply with the rules when concluding agreements on financing export transactions. EKF does not participate in WTO meetings, but follows developments and discussions relating to export credits.

Cooperation with other export credit agencies
EKF cooperates with other countries' export credit agencies on reinsurance agreements and experience exchange.

The reinsurance agreements facilitate matters for export companies involved in projects with deliveries from several countries. With these transnational reinsurance agreements, it is enough to sign a guarantee agreement with a single export credit agency, which then reinsures sub-deliveries with other export credit agencies. The reinsurance agreements will typically be used in connection with large-scale projects.

EKF enjoys particularly close cooperation with export credit agencies in the Nordic countries. We meet each year to share knowledge about our business procedures and products, so that we can continuously improve our export assistance to Danish companies.

Reinsurance agreements
EKF cooperates with export credit agencies in a number of different countries. The most comprehensive form of cooperation is through reinsurance agreements. Reinsurance can be used when the execution of an export order involves more than one country. The objective of reinsurance is risk-sharing. EKF shares the risk with other export credit agencies, and who we specifically share the risk with depends on the sourcing in a given project.
EKF handles all aspects of reinsurance. We have reinsurance agreements with the following export credit agencies:

Austria, OEKB
Czech Republic, EGAP
Estonia, KREDEX
India, ECGC
Italy, SACE
Luxembourg, ODL
Netherlands, ATRADIUS DSB
New Zealand, NZECO
Norway, GIEK
Poland, KUKE 
Slovak Republic, EXIMBANCA SR
Spain, CESCE
Sweden, EKN
Switzerland, SERV
EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency. We help both small and large Danish companies move forward. Get a brief introduction.

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EKF is Denmark’s Export Credit Agency. We help both small and large Danish companies move forward. Get a brief introduction.
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