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Export assistance generates more pregnancies in the Czech Republic

Unisense FertiliTech has developed a technology which, according to several fertility clinics, increases women's chances of pregnancy. This technology was in demand in the Czech Republic, but the interested buyer was short of capital. EKF provided a financing solution to the customer and operating capital to Unisense FertiliTech to enable the company to continue its positive growth.
Technology for artificial insemination in the Czech Republic
How much
SME-guarantee: 300.665 EUR / Working capital guarantee: 10.000.000. DKR
EKF's role
EKF provided a "Getting Started" package for the customer and a working capital guarantee for Unisense FertiliTech
EKF product
Working Capital Guarantee; SME Guarantee
From 2011. SME-guarantee: 360 days / Working capital guarantee: 3 years
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    Thanks to EKF, the global market has moved closer to Aarhus and we are implementing a targeted initiative at reaching the 36 key countries in artificial insemination.

    Jens Gundersen, CEO of Unisense FertiliTech
    ​Unisense FertiliTech has developed a revolutionary technology for artificial insemination, identifying the best and most viable eggs using a camera and a microscope. This increases the chance of pregnancy by approximately 20 per cent.

    A Czech distributor was interesting in exploring the prospects of the technology and wanted to place an order for five sets of equipment of about DKK 600,000 each. But the distributor was short of financing, which blocked the sale.

    Moreover, Unisense FertiliTech enjoyed massive growth, entailing that the company was in a transition phase from development company to sales company focusing on international exports. If the company was to keep up with product development and the number of new orders, capital was required. However, due to the size of the capital requirement, the bank did not want to assume the entire risk.
  • ​Consequently, Unisense FertiliTech's bank contacted EKF regarding a financing solution for the Czech customer. EKF entered into dialogue with FertiliTech, and, as it turned out, EKF was also able to assist in covering the capital requirement.

    "In many cases, lack of financing may constitute a stumbling block to the growth of companies. From our perspective, it's therefore a question of succeeding in the global competition," says Jens Gundersen, CEO of Unisense FertiliTech.
    ​EKF embarked on a solution for the company, which was designed to help land the Czech order and expand the revolving credit facility with the bank.
  • ​​EKF prepared a solution, which firstly included a "Getting Started" package for Unisense FertiliTech's customer. EKF provided a guarantee, enabling the customer to purchase five sets of equipment. This gave the customer the clout to make a serious effort at conquering the Czech market – and Unisense FertiliTech received payment up-front and thus had liquidity to continue its positive trend.
    ​Secondly, EKF provided a working capital guarantee for DKK 10 million. As a result, Unisense FertiliTech received a significantly expanded revolving credit facility from its bank – and thus had the capital to continue growing.

    "Thanks to EKF, the global market has moved closer to Aarhus and we are implementing a targeted initiative at reaching the 36 key countries in artificial insemination either this year or early next year," says Jens Gundersen.
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