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EKF's personal data policy for website and marketing

EKF's personal data policy for website and marketing

EKF collects data about your usage of our website and other digital channels and services. We use the data to enrich your user experience of EKF's digital services and to offer you more relevant web content and marketing content.
​EKF Denmark's Export Credit Agency is an independent public company under The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and owned by the Danish state.

EKF collects data about your usage of our website and other digital channels as well as services offered by EKF. This includes data such as cookie data stored in your PC as well as data related to you as an individual.

We use the data to enrich your user experience of EKF´s digital services, to display more relevant web content and to target our marketing initiatives towards you.

EKF only makes use of personal data in accordance with this personal data policy and the consent you have provided, for instance, when you accept cookies or sign up for our digital newsletters or other services.
​You can find more information below (Click > Read more) about how EKF collects, uses and safeguards data as well as your rights regarding withdrawal of consent and deletion of data.

This personal data policy only covers the data collected in connection with your visit to EKF´s website and your interaction with us in connection with our digital marketing. If you are a customer of EKF, the personal data policy regarding EKF's transactions will apply.

EKF updates our personal data policy regularly to ensure that it meets and adapts to current regulations, techno-logical development and our collection and use of data.

Latest edition: 29 May 2018 (version 2)

What kind of data do we collect and for which purpose?

Cookie data
When you visit our website ekf.dk, we collect data about you and the way you browse the content of the website. Initially, we do not link the data to you as an individual but only to your PC, mobile phone or tablet (device).

We do so by placing so-called cookies on your device. A cookie is a small data file stored on your device and connected to the IP-address of this device. The cookie helps us recognise your device in connection with repeated visits to our website and allows us to track your browsing behaviour.

For instance, we can also tell which internet provider and browser you are using, and we can trace your geograph-ical location at city level. In some cases, if you log on to our website from your workplace, the pc's IP address can reveal the identity of the company that you work for.

Cookies allow us to collect data regarding the geographical location of our visitors and how they make use of our digital services. We will try to use the knowledge that we gain from cookie data to enrich your user experience.  After your visit to our website, we also use cookies to target the marketing of our services towards you elsewhere on the internet. However, still without connecting personal data to you as an individual.

EKF's website contains a wide range of cookies. You can find the complete list in the section concerning EKF's cookie policy.

If you wish to avoid the cookies from EKF's website, you can disable cookies in your browser. Click the link above for more information about our cookie policy.

Personal data
EKF collects personal data about you when you sign up for our digital newsletters, fill in a contact form on our website or submit a form on for instance LinkedIn or Facebook. Personal data may include your name, your company's name, your e-mail address and replies that you have submitted in connection with a questionnaire or a form.

When you provide us with personal information, we will combine the information with the data received through cookies. This may involve data obtained through clicks on banners and campaigns found at various places on the internet and through social media, visits and browsing behaviour on our website, downloads of materials or opening of mails. If you have visited our digital services from various devices, for instance from your phone or PC, we will also be able to connect data and recognise you across devices.

We save all the data in our CRM system where the data will be linked together with existing information about you, either from previous contact or from your company's website. This includes data such as company address, your phone number, your position and information regarding previous or existing transactions between our companies.

EKF collects personal data to get a clearer picture of our visitors and the way they browse our website. We do this in order to improve our ability to adjust and personalise our communication and marketing efforts towards you. Relevant and targeted digital services from EKF at the right time helps to enrich your experience as a user. 

Occasionally, we use personal data such as e-mail addresses for targeted advertising on social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Our aim is to address you and others who work in export companies to let you know how our financing solutions can help to strengthen your export.

Sometimes we also make use of the stored personal data to contact a person by phone or by mail. We do so when we think that the person or the company that the person works for may benefit from our financing solutions.  

EKF safeguards your personal data

The personal data we collect about you will be used by EKF only, and only for the purpose for which they have been collected. We neither share nor sell cookie data to outside parties.

For how long do we retain your personal data?

How long we retain your personal data depends on the situation. Some cookies are only stored for the duration of your visit to our website whereas others such as marketing cookies will be retained for years. You can see a complete list of cookies and how long they will be stored in our cookie policy.

We will keep your personal data for as long as we need them but only for the purpose for which they have been collected. We will delete your personal data in case you ask us to do so.

Your rights – the right to gain access, to delete, to withdraw consent and to lodge a complaint

You are entitled to, at any time, request access to the personal data about you that is in EKF's possession and, at any time, to ask EKF to correct or delete the data. You can also ask for a copy of your personal data and we will send you a csv-file/Excel-file with the data.

You can do so by sending an e-mail to dpo@ekf.dk. We will confirm receipt and process your request as soon as possible. As your personal data will have to be compiled manually, it might take some time, however, not more than one month.
As regards digital news and digital marketing, you can always withdraw your consent by clicking a link which is included in all the mails that you receive from EKF. The change will be implemented immediately. 

Your right to lodge a complaint

You are entitled to contact the Danish Data Protection Agency, in case you wish to lodge a complaint regarding EKF´s collection and use of personal data.

Data Controller

EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency
Business registration no.: DK30763777
Lautrupsgade 11
2100 Copenhagen
Tel: +45 35 46 26 00
Email: ekf@ekf.dk

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Mette Godvin Berning
Director Compliance & Operationel Risiko
Lautrupsgade 11
2100 København Ø
T: +45 35 46 26 97
E: dpo@ekf.dk
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