Country information

EKF’s risk assessment when exporting to French Guiana

Country risk classification

The risk classification reflects the risk that a buyer cannot pay due to political risks in the country. The higher the figure, the higher the risk.



EKF's cover policy


Credit period
Guarantees without credit period Up to 1 year 1-5 years More than 5 years
Public buyer Not considered – contact EKF.
Private buyer Not considered – contact EKF.
Bank Not considered – contact EKF.

Financing through bills of exchange: Not considered - Contact EKF

Guarantees in local currency: Not considered - Contact EKF


General assumptions for EKF's risk assessments
This information constitutes EKF’s guideline country cover policy at publishing date. The policy is not binding for EKF regarding specific applications for export credit guarantees. Before any commitment is made based on the country cover policy, we recommend contacting EKF for further advice.

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Lars Piil Damm

For more information on the country

Contact EKF’s country and bank analyst:
Lars Piil Damm
+45 35 46 26 57

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