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Busy first half year with large transactions on the way

EKF issued 218 export credits, working capital guarantees and loans worth DKK 2.7 billion in the first half of 2017. It testifies to a busy first half year, though several large project financing transactions are a long time coming.

​6 September 2017

EKF’s products continue to be in great demand among Danish exporters. 141 exporters received an export credit, a working capital guarantee or a loan from EKF during the two first quarters of the year, and again this year EKF expects an increase in the number of customers.
New guarantees total DKK 2.7 billion which is lower compared to the same period last year. The primary cause is a number of large project financing transactions in EKF’s pipeline developing slower than anticipated.
However, EKF expects to close several of the transactions in the second half of the year and thus bring total new guarantees for the year close to the level in 2016 when EKF issued new guarantees worth DKK 13.9 billion.

The liquidity in the market and the market’s risk appetite are increasing, and the financial market itself takes on more and larger risks. On our side, EKF sees increased demands for more remote and difficult markets, especially relating to financing of large export transactions and projects.

Financial highlights

DKK million First half of 2017 ​First half of 2016 ​2016
​Result for the period ​145 ​311 ​467
​Number of customers ​701 ​709 ​701
​New guarantees, exposure 2,686 ​7,456 13,885
​Guarantee exposure after reinsurance 36,464 ​40,732 41,515
Loans 13,111 ​14,049 13,782


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