About EKF


EKF assesses human and environmental impacts of all the export transactions we are party to. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that any potential issues affecting your company are resolved in advance in order to minimise the risk of them affecting your transaction at a later stage.
Social and environmental responsibility benefits exports
Business partners, consumers, politicians and organisations worldwide have come to expect social and environmental sustainability to be integral to a company's considerations alongside the purely commercial aspects.

A responsible approach to environmental and social factors will thus often serve to enhance a company's reputation and pave the way for new business deals.
As a state agency, EKF is invested with a special responsibility. If your business is found to be irresponsible in any way, both your company and EKF will be held accountable. This is why an evaluation of your project's sustainability is a given in EKF's credit assessment procedure.

EKF's evaluation of a project's sustainability adheres to a number of international agreements and principles. In issuing our approval, EKF endorses your export transaction from a social, environmental and commercial perspective.
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