What is a browser cookie?
A browser cookie is a small data file storing information on your browser for authentication or identification and for collecting information about your activities on the website. Today most websites make use of browser cookies.

Browser cookies can be used to compile statistics about how visitors make use of the website and to ensure an optimal performance of the various parts of the website among others.

A browser cookie cannot be programmed, cannot collect information from your computer, spread viruses or install malware on your computer.

Browser cookies on

On EKF´s website we make use of three different types of cookies:

- Google Analytics
- A marketing browser cookie
- Technical browser cookies.

Google Analytics is a statistical tool which is able to show how you and other users make use of The information is used to improve the user-friendliness on, thus ensuring the best possible experience for the users.

Technical browser cookies are indispensable for functions like “EKF to go” and “Subscribe to news from EKF”. Without technical cookies the website will not be able to remember what you have keyed in.

Finally, we make use of a browser cookie which makes sure that visitors of, to a limited degree, are introduced to advertisements from EKF, when they visit other websites. The aim is to remind visitors who have accessed our website at some point that EKF can be of help in connection with export transactions.

How to refuse browser cookies
You can access most parts of even if you refuse our browser cookies. This will, however, affect the use of the website negatively in two ways. Partly, the more advanced functions of the website will not be able to work properly without browser cookies, and partly, we will not be able to improve the user-friendliness on the website.

Users can erase old browser cookies and refuse new browser cookies from selected websites or all websites by choosing the relevant settings in their browser. See instructions below.

Why do we inform about browser cookies?
All Danish websites are obligated by law to inform users about which browser cookies are left on the users´ equipment. The information must be in agreement with “Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment”.

Link to regulation (in Danish)
Link to instruction (in Danish)

Further questions:

Do not hesitate to contact if you have any further questions about browser cookies on
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